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worldomination  foundation / the way to enlightenment is to lighten up and help each other

finding enlightenment with the WORLDOMINATION foundation

one focus group at a time


Friday, March 25, 2022 / 1300 hrs:

It has come to my attention from the marketing department that naming our premiere program, the “Kill Your Self Gonzo Zen Venture Package” made the focus group both agitated and sad.

Forthwith, our number one venture is now to be known as the Lighten Up Kill Your SelfTM Venture Package.  Trademark that.  And what’s up with that focus group anyway?  How many are ennui-wracked hecto-millionaire neolibs looking for enlightenment because they realize wealth isn’t the answer yet they want to buy awakened being anyway? 


NONE OF THEM!?  How are their opinions relevant!?

(long silence)

Exactly.  I have personally chosen the new name because the acronym is L-U-K-Y-S.  Who doesn’t like that?   Nobody, that’s who.  Reminds me of the cigarettes I used to smoke.  Good times.  That’s all.  Now go make money fast.  We’re checking out at three-thirty for the sushi bar.  And trademark the acronym, too!

(rustling) (door squeaks and closes) (loud fart)

Ahh.  Been holding that for five minutes.  Bet Mara never frustrated Buddha with this shit.  Agitation and sadness over the path to realizing enlightenment.  Fucking pussies.  Both stupid and lacking humor.  What?  It doesn’t matter.  Uh huh.  Well, Zen likely began at Shaolin so naturally kensho is the path of focused rage and sword-sharp wisdom.  Too bad the place has become a whore to capitalism.  Don’t wave that hook at me!  I understand hypocrisy!  (roaring laughter)  Okay okay!  I’m not here to be somebody for anybody, much less conform to the egoless myth of… oh come on.  You knew the only way was to kill everybody first.  That’s how the best religions start.  Besides, we’re not literally doing that.  Well, mostly anyway.  Wait.  Is that thing still recording?  Don’t post this!

(rustling) (fading steps)

And fire the marketing department.  Fucking idiots.


– Dr. Trent F. Reker / posted by marketing dept.


no beginning. this is the highest truth.

worldomination pipe of intent

being worldomination

two things are required to achieve world domination:

worldomination katana sword of wisdom

1. fierce patience

saving your silly ass requires boldly eternal persistence.

worldomination of holding compassion

2. fearless compassion

perceiving your own inner whining while realizing the suffering of others means possessing courageous, heartbreaking passion.

gonzo zen masters of the 360th degree

who we are

Gonzo Zen Masters of the 360th Degree

dead to self worldomination enlightenment realizer

what we do

We are dedicated to helping a special few achieve World Domination through our proprietary Lighten Up Kill Your Self (LUKYSTM) Venture Package.


People contact the WORLDOMINATION FOUNDATION (WoDoFo) because they’re desperate. If you’re reading this, you’re probably desperate, too.  That’s good.  Our goal is pure:  Help folks participate in LUKYSTM Venture Packages to realize World Domination.

Our packages are designed specifically for each customer, the one-of-one-hundred-million who dwells within a great need to accomplish something not easily categorized yet enormous in personal scope.  The need is deep and sometimes psychologically dangerous, a life-or-death quest for something beyond the “find enlightenment” of Zen, which has been co-opted by wealthy and self-congratulatory David Lynch tofu jugglers hawking phone apps and expensive Scientology-like memberships while failing the concept of irony.  Rare ones sense this and are committed to realizing the way of things beyond surveillance capitalist definitions of awakening.

We are the Heart Sutra in action, motherfucker.

  • You will accompany us to jails and/or prisons where Zen happens.
  • You will make sandwiches and hand them to homeless people, stopping to hear their stories.
  • You will envision, create and disseminate Antifa propaganda.
  • You will drive a crazy hotrod beater across America as fast as you can.
  • You will go nowhere without a typewriter, a towel and a bowl.
  • You will sleep in dank two-lane highway motel rooms.
  • You will give up your infernal smart phone for an old school flip-phone.

LUKYSTM Venture Packages are the end to your days of ego-stroking social media onanification with fear-based pacifiers and glad-handing sycophants.  Fucking around is over.

It’s time to find out.

After working your LUKYSTM Venture Package a while, you will begin to understand the interconnectivity of things beyond verbal expression.  Then you will move on to experiencing incomprehensible moments in the Yucatan, Tangier, Bangkok, India, or Peru but certainly the southwestern United States deserts and Paris, where you will learn the ancient technique d’évasion des autorités françaises.

You will also sit down, shut up, and breathe.  All the time.  For months.  This is the foundation of LUKYSTM.  You will re-train your brain and find the mind.

doctor-master trent f. reker

Dr. Trent F. Reker

  • Founder of Gonzo Zen
  • Co-Stone Temple Pilot for all who purchase the WoDoFo Lighten Up Kill Your Self Venture Package

Trent is a Doctor of Metaphysics, minister, artist, prison Zen teacher, typewriter aficionado, and angry old punk rocker.  He’s a retired 1%er, motorcycle magazine publisher, MIG welder and mink rancher.  Creator of the George Bush Voodoo Doll, friend of Timothy Leary and hookers, he is the Enemy of Humorlessness.  Doctor-Master Reker is the world’s premiere world domination consultant for seekers of both enlightenment and revolutionary marketing and branding strategies.

Trent really likes dill pickles and has been face-to-face with The Spirit of Light, The Source, The Answer.  He will show you the way to get there.

May you die to tell everyone about it.

professor-master anne monde-le-veut

Professor-Master Anne la Monde-le-Veut

  • Co-Stone Temple Pilot for all who purchase the WoDoFo Lighten Up Kill Your Self Venture Package

Professor of Quantum Physics at Ambiguous Reality College in Maryland and Neurosurgified Fetus Litigation at University of Munich’s Undurchschaubares Gehirn Unterirdische Hochschule.  She is a 360-degree Gonzo Zen master and bass playing Antifa rock astronaut pirate.  Anne holds the world record for most cheese eaten with a pitchfork, then gargled.  She is the world’s only Amazon musk manufacturer.

Do you know which species of Howler monkey possesses the sphincter gland that comes from?  Anne does!

dying to self worldomination spaceclown realizes enlightenment

what we do pt. 2


Should you understand the meaning of things enough to know you do not understand the meaning of things, you are ready.

Somewhat crudely we point toward your path and set you on fire.

We can’t take you to the destination of Light.  We’re not your Self.  When World Domination is realized, you will be alone.

After a couple thousand hours of medication, delivering food and clothes to hurting people and rescuing a dog or three, you may start laughing at everything, then crying for everything, then laughing again, suddenly experiencing the realization of World Domination.  This often occurs while practicing ox, shark and/or stripper training.

Each venture is different.  Nothing can be repeated.  We do not take everyone who contacts us and we do not take more than one customer at a time.  When the next one arrives, this page will clearly state there’s a waiting list.

worldomination500 / javelin design @speedfreakspeedshop

why we do it

To lighten up and help each other and to abolish neoliberalism and fascism for the benefit of all beings.

dharmapocalyptruck going fast to the left

how you can do it

the desolation of seeking enlightenment


There is no world domination without desolation of heart.  Without it, we cannot help you.  It’s the core understanding you must possess to participate in a LUKYSTM Venture Package.

If you have ever been wrongfully accused and imprisoned, been a refugee from war, experienced homelessness in a big city, or fought a killer disease, you may comprehend the humility and fear (or fearlessness) from which true compassion arises.

Those who have not been blessed by such circumstance may acquire this wisdom through an introductory Privileged Individual Superficial SubstanceTM Venture Package.  As with all WoDoFo Venture Packages, LUKYSTM is individually designed, not a one-size-fits-all brand of miracle capitalism for dupes of McMindfulness.

That’s because, at the WORLDOMINATION FOUNDATION, the seeker of awakening is always and only the one who has either fought for their life or risked it for the life of another.


worldomination pirate flag

what we don't do

TLUKYSTM Venture Packages are not fat people cruises to Cancun, BD/SM role-play or an obtuse Zen “retreat” where privileged white people feel smug about meditating for two hours in a pretentious Boulder or Santa Fe zendo.

For your first visit at one of these unconscious emotional transference manufacturing facilities, you’ll learn the Zen hokey pokey by failing a subtle form of religious submission.  Then some old neoliberal hippy will regurgitate Shunryu Suzuki with the salient attributes of a sphere.

Those places are pedantic bullshit factories.

LUKYSTM are two-to-four-year-long endeavors teaching you practices you will continue for the rest of your life as your focus changes from I-ME-MINE to helping others first.  It’s the only way to peace.  It’s the only way earth — and humanity — will survive.

Get out of your head.  Jump into the mind.

rated E for existence is illusion
rated E for existence
the seamless fabric of reality
professor master anne la monde-le-veut

freedom from binary enslavement is here

Purchase your LUKYSTM today!




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